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What's In Your (Resiliency) Bank Account

BPF Discount Furniture What's In Your (Resiliency) Bank Account What's In Your (Resiliency) Bank Account
By Thomas Wojick
One thing you can count on is life being a mix of good times, bad times, joy, and sorrow. None of us can predict what tomorrow will bring.
Consider the tragedies our nation, communities, and families have experienced in the past years: 9/11; Katrina; Sandy Hook. The people affected by these unexpected events didn't plan for the pain and sorrow they would experience, and yet they had to find a way to make it through the day and each day thereafter.
What is it that gets us through tragedies and everyday adversities? It's not the size of our bank accounts, or our jobs, or our possessions; it's an entirely different resource more valuable than money, available to all of us, all of the time.
It is resiliency.
Resiliency springs from our innate desire for life. It helps us persist through the bad times until we regain our footing and are once again productive, positive, and hopeful. Although we all possess resiliency, the strength of our resilience only grows as much as we nurture it-by making daily deposits.
Think of a savings account. Every day life presents us with small and large challenges, all of which withdraw resiliency from our account. If we don't, in return, make deposits, we might find ourselves lacking the resiliency needed to keep our spark for life bright.
Here are a few ways, or daily deposits, you can make to your resiliency account. When you encounter an unexpected adversity, you'll be grateful to know your account is full.
Just say no to the negative voices:
There is a part of your brain that acts as a safety alert system designed to warn you of suspected danger. It also reminds you of past negative experiences, hoping to make sure you avoid similar experiences moving forward.
Sometimes, though, this makes us feel incapable of learning from the situation and trying again with confidence. Though your brain thinks it's doing you a service-trying to keep you from feeling pain again-know when to say "no" to negative talk.
Simply say, "Thanks for your concern, but I'm not going to listen to you for a while. I've got important work to do." Give yourself the room and permission you need for your positive voice, because it wants to help you heal. "This is a rough period I'm going through," you might say, "but I know I'll make it. I'll be stronger."
Build your circle of fans:
And I don't mean through social media. You need to build a close circle of friends that are honest, vulnerable, and helpful, and that participates in an equal give and take (of time, opinions, ideas, and so on). Nothing takes the place of face-to-face contact, either.
Make sure you add at least one of the following to your circle:
• Someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your most honest thoughts feelings
• Someone who will give you a good kick in the behind if they see you're not taking the action needed to get to where you want to go.
• Someone who will listen and offer his or her honest perspective.
Push and be compassionate:
Moving through difficult times is never easy, and it is natural to want to retreat and avoid anything you think will be difficult, burdensome, or over stimulating. But resiliency doesn't mean retreat.
Whatever might be weighing you down, whatever roadblocks you see before you-push. Keep moving. Get thoughtful, creative, and simplistic in your approach. Take small steps, start over, or try another route. Whether or not you meet your end goal, you will have added a dose of resiliency to your account.
Most importantly, use this time to practice patience and compassion with yourself. You are as deserving of your own understanding and acceptance as anyone else.
Practice your smile:
In times of adversity or sorrow, it's easy to be overcome with pain and doubt, and to let these thoughts tinge our view of the world.
When you can, find things worth smiling about: a cute kitten, a joyful child, a funny comedy clip on television. Make it a point to point out what's nice in life, even if it's one small thing every day.
These small positive moments ultimately lead to positive changes in our thoughts and feelings. When smiling feels the hardest, that's when you need it the most.
That's when your deposits will be the largest, though they may seem small.
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  Using cutting edge fabrics, our clothing gives you complete freedom and versatility to handle whatever your day demands.

SEO Basics

BIG Deals on Living Healthy at Walgreens SEO Basics - The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Basics - The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
By R Conte

For many the concept of Search Engine Optimization can be completely overwhelming. For the beginner especially, it helps to understand at least a little bit of how to do SEO.

There's no need to fear learning something new, like learning to do organic SEO for your business website. The phrase "organic SEO" simply refers to the practice of making your website more visible to the search engines, without having to pay them for advertising to do so. In the long run, it can only help you. In the short run, you can't really do much damage, especially if your website is not ranking anyway.

SEO is a strategy of cumulative techniques which directly affect how search engines like Google find, index, and rank your site. Unfortunately, there is no simple formula for improving the ranking and page placement of your site in a Google search. However, there are parameters which can be factored into the creation of the content you generate to improve the ranking of your site. When you create original content for your site you must always use these parameters to improve your page placement.

The operative word here is - always.

These are the parameters to keep in mind when creating fresh content:
1. Keyword in Title
2. Title Begins With keyword
3. Title Contains At Least 3 Words
4. Title Length does not exceed 66 characters
5. Permalink Contains Your Keyword
6. Meta Description Contains a Targeted Keyword (Meta Description is the short info blurb Google includes when placing your site on a search results page.)
7. Meta Description Contains up to 160 Characters - not more
8. Description starts with a Targeted Keyword
9. Meta Tags contain assorted Targeted Keywords
10. H1 Tag Contains the main Keyword (H1 = Heading 1, and H2, H3, etc. are similar.)
11. H1 Tag Starts With Your Keyword
12. H2 Tag Contains a different Targeted Keyword
13. H3 Tag Contains another Targeted Keyword
14. Your Post Content contains more than 300 words
15. Content has a Keyword Density of 2 - 3 uses of your Primary Targeted Keyword, placed at the beginning, middle, and end of your copy
16. First 100 Words contain your Primary Keyword
17. Last 100 Words contain your Primary Keyword
18. At least one Image with keyword in the alt tag
19. At least one external Anchor text link containing the keyword
20. At least one internal Anchor text link containing the keyword

These are the 20 most important parameters the search engines use to find, index, and rank your site. While it is true that adhering to a few of these parameters can be done manually, being able to do so thoroughly and consistently is best achieved through the use of an SEO Scoring System. (This can easily be done with a plug-in for your website.)

An SEO Scoring System should automatically evaluate the content you create, even as you create it. It should then give you an SEO Score, say 0-100%, based on your adherence to these factors. Your goal should be to always create content which scores in the 90% range. This is how you will be able to bring your site to the top of the page for Google searches for your chosen keywords.

In other words, if the keywords and phrases you have chosen are relevant to your site, this technique will improve your page placement with the search engines.

In addition to these factors, it is also helpful to use a Readability Check, perhaps based upon the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease Scoring System. This will evaluate the average grade level at which the reader will find your content easy to digest. (This post received a 7th grade score, for example, a good target area for online reading.)

SEO is a long-term strategy of content creation with strict adherence to the rules of optimization. There is no quick-and-easy formula for success. It is not difficult, but it does require commitment to the principles of creating quality content and the factors by which the search engines perform their task.

R Conte is the owner and principal author at SEO Writer Pro, a brand new website offering high quality, Affordable SEO Article Writing and fresh, well-written Blog Content from a dedicated, professional SEO writer. Click here to discover how you can save money buying relevant, timely, high quality content with our Special Introductory Article Writing Offer.

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Grab the vast selection of worldwide nature and wildlife travel deals on Lookupfare!

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Flights under $49

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Exclusive NFIB Savings on Grainger Products

Are CEOs Sociopaths?

Are CEOs Sociopaths?

Are CEOs Sociopaths?
By Lance Winslow

It seems that those on the bottom love to bash those on the top. The poor bash the rich, the losers bash the winners - and our 2016 Presidential Election was a perfect example of this reality in our society. Unions, managers, and employees bash CEOs. Some will tell that those who seek power of authority over others are sociopaths, diabolical criminals under their suits. Still, I ask, is it really so? Okay so, let's discuss the leaders and CEOs of our day and talk about the psychology it takes to do those jobs, shall we?

With regards to sociopathic CEOs, well you know, they do teach manipulation techniques at Wharton, Harvard, Yale, and call it leadership, so we cannot be too surprised at what we get. Doesn't impress me much, but I understand the fallacy of leadership, much of it is a con-game. I suppose one can't survive their own reputation without being a little bit of a scoundrel?

Still, I'd trust a CEO more than I'd trust a bum on the street telling me they wanted $2 for some food outside the liquor store where they hang out all day. And 33% of those on Food Stamps are probably conning the system a little too. We have line workers doing work slowdowns, milking jobs, faking leave of absences, sick time, etc. I think the real problem is with the 'humans' in general and not the CEOs, blue collar, religions, capitalism or anything else.

Integrity should count for something, but it often doesn't. The game is rigged and now it's rigged against the middle class. If we don't respect the middle class, we won't have one anymore, that's evident. Still, to automatically bash all CEOs as sociopaths is quite problematic, and it is a little hypocritical of unions or employees to do that - it's not as if all of the rank and file are the picture of integrity either.

Whenever I hear someone smearing another or attacking someone's character, I think of all my years running my franchising company and some of the names I was called, things I know I didn't deserve. So, I guess I am here to defend our CEOs today, those whose leadership skills are employing all of you. Why not just acknowledge that and say thank you is my thinking.

Care to debate on any of these points, this is a fun dialogue indeed, thanks for reading by the way! Sorry for my cynical tone, I guess I shouldn't watch Cable TV news in the background as I write this article for you. Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow is the Founder of the Online Think Tank, a diverse group of achievers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, futurists, academics, dreamers, leaders, and general all around brilliant minds. - Have an important subject to discuss, contact Lance Winslow. Lance also writes eBooks on all sorts of topics including this one, check out the selection.

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Yoga Clothing

Top 5 Tips To Help You Cope With Young Children While Working From Home

Checks In The Mail™ Eco Friendly Checks Top 5 Tips To Help You Cope With Young Children While Working From Home Top 5 Tips To Help You Cope With Young Children While Working From Home
By Lisa Hartley
Are you trying to run your own business from home around one or more children? Or is this something you want to do and are looking into?
Well hopefully I can be of some help as I'm a mum and just about managing to cope with a toddler and a newborn while working from home!! I'll give you a few tips I've thought of!
So as you'd expect it's not easy, so just let that make you feel a bit better! Even if some mums look like they're perfect in every way, I'm very sure they're not!
My 8 week old baby (yes 8 weeks already! Therefore she had her first jabs today which were pretty awful. So horrible to see her so upset. My mum came along to help me as had my toddler too, who very sweetly kissed her injected leg and was concerned about her crying), I digress! I'll start again! My 8 week old baby girl normally has a lay in after feeding a few times through the night so I get to give my toddler boy attention after making his breakfast by playing with his trains or puzzles. He does love his iPad so sometimes I think I could be getting on with some work like listening to training webinars or writing my blog while he watches it, but I'd feel too guilty. Also the main reason why I want to work from home is to get to spend more time with my children so if I'm working then I'm doing the opposite of what I want to be doing!
Plus when you play with your children you need to give them your full attention, they do notice if you're casually looking at your phone. So it's best to be in the moment with them and cherish that playtime as you won't get it back!
Yesterday was one of those mornings where little things kept going wrong such as porridge over spilling in the microwave (which was actually handy because I gave it a good well needed clean!), breaking a bowl, the floor getting really wet and so on that my favourite word that morning was the 'F' one! So I had to be careful not to use it when Tommy was about as he copies now!
Beforehand I would have been more stressed because I'd feel if I'm not playing with the children then I should be working on my business, but after reflecting on things I've chosen to not let myself get stressed because it is unnecessary, not good for me or the children.
So here are my top tips that I now use!
Tip #1
Work when they're sleeping as then they don't know you're not with them! For instance I am writing this blog now as they're snoozing on me on the sofa! This isn't a regular occurrence however so mostly I blog in the evenings when toddler in bed & baby asleep on me!
Tip #2
On a weekly planner (can get them online or from WH Smith) write down times when you can spend some time on your business, for example listening to training in the car, while babies are sleeping, on your lunchbreak (if working) etc. OK your results might not come so quickly if you don't spend hours and hours a week on your business but they'll still come. It's called the compound effect, success is built on doing little things consistently.
Tip #3
Get out of the house! I find days where we do stuff easier and more fulfilling. If you go to playgroups your toddler can happily play and socialise while you look after baby, or if you have made friends at groups they love to hold your baby while you interact with your toddler! Children learn and take in lots while being out and about so it's good for babies as well as toddlers! Then also you have experiences which can help with your business, such as networking or having topics to blog about.
Tip #4
Use video. Video marketing is fantastic for your business whether it be or Facebook Live or a YouTube video. It's quicker than writing and you can do it anywhere! It might be daunting at first but just have a few practices and you'll soon get the hang of it! I did a 90 day video challenge within the online business I do where only other members see them and we'd give each other feedback!
Tip #5
Just wing it! Basically just BELIEVE you can do it and you will! You may think you're failing and how can you possibly do all this - look after children, take care of the house and work a business from home - but you can! It's your life you've been fortunate to live, so have fun, make mistakes, learn new skills and just go with the flow. It is overwhelming but as long as you keep trying and keep going, you'll be successful, in home life and business.
Bonus tip #6
Wear baby in a sling! Last night I made the dinner, bathed toddler and got him ready for bed all whilst carrying baby in the sling! Handy when you need an extra pair of hands!
I hope my tips have been helpful to you!
Facebook - Beautiful Hart
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