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Top 10 Employee Referral Program Blunders Made by Employers

Top 10 Employee Referral Program Blunders Made by Employers by Savio Vadakkan

With competition for talent intensifying by the day, organizations are going all out to attract talent through various means; employee referrals being one of the most frequently employed one. However in their bid to use multiple channels of recruitment to increase the chances of hiring, employers end up making common referral blunders which decrease the overall effectiveness of the employee referral program. Given below are top 10 employee referral blunders by employers to be avoided if you want your referral program to yield a high ROI.

� Late response or no response at all to employee referrals is one of the biggest mistakes employers make as recruiters try to avoid the manual effort involved in responding to every employee referral. No response or even a late response is a potential referral program killer as employees lose faith in the program and not only stop referring themselves but also dissuade others from referring.

� Not having a mobile optimized referral site can significantly bring down the number of referrals as more work gets done through hand held devices rather than through desktops or even laptops.

� Excluding a section of employees like the HR team and senior managers from participating in the program is a very common mistake most employers make in an effort to ensure fair play and transparency. However excluding some employees from referring itself is a big morale killer reducing the efficacy of the program.

� Insufficient, poor or boring communication has a domino effect on the referral program leading to its eventual collapse. Communication has a vital role to play in a referral program and it is important to ensure that there is interesting and informative communication going out to employees on a regular basis.

� Insufficient feedback to employees on the quality of their referral leads to employees continuing to make the same mistakes while referring leading to poor quality of referrals. Employees need to be provided regular feedback on how they can improve the quality of their referral so that both the organization and the employee benefit from the program.

� Providing little or no rewards leads to low referral motivation while providing too much referral rewards can be financially draining for the organization and not serve as a great motivating tool by itself. Ensure that referral rewards are in line with employee expectations so that motivation for participation remains high.

� Dragging referral reward payment is another common blunder employers make in their bid to ensure that referral hires stay the course. However they have an adverse effect on employee morale as they have to wait for a long time to realize the true value of their referral.

� Keeping the same referral rewards for a long time is another big blunder as the same rewards fail to excite employees over a period of time and employees simply lose the motivation to participate.

� Keeping the referral program constant without increasing the scope or features of the program is also an oft repeated mistake by employers as the program loses relevancy and employees lose interest in the referral program.

� Lastly, not including social media capability in your referral program due to restrictions on social media usage in office is also a blunder made by employers. Social media can make the effectiveness of the referral program twice as effective as and many times faster than normal.

Savio Vadakkan is a Marketing Professional for ZALP, a unique employee referral software. ZALP guides organizations about how to create a successful employee referral program by means of social media integrated recruiting techniques.

Redundancy and Unfair Dismissal

Redundancy and Unfair Dismissal by Annette Dixon

Employees who have been made redundant may still be able to make an unfair dismissal claim against their former employer if the correct procedure has not been followed during the termination process.
Under the Fair Work Act 2009, an employee is unable to make a claim for unfair dismissal in the case of a �genuine redundancy', however what is the difference between a �redundancy' and a �genuine redundancy'?
Redundancy occurs when an employer no longer wants a job being done by a specific employee to be carried out by anyone, meaning that the job would no longer exist, or if the employer becomes bankrupt or insolvent.
In order for it to be considered a �genuine redundancy', the employer must follow any consultation requirements in the award or registered agreement before the redundancy takes place. Failure to perform any of these steps may end up in a terminated employee claiming that the redundancy was not genuine and filing an unfair dismissal claim.
If an employer has decided to implement major changes or restructuring that is going to affect employees significantly, the employer must take these steps
1. Notify the affected employee(s) of the proposed changes
2. Discuss the proposed changes with the affected employee(s), including possible measures to reduce the adverse effect on employee(s)
3. Give proper consideration to matters raised by affected employee(s)
4. Provide the affected employee(s) in writing with relevant information about the proposed changes, including the nature of the changes proposed and the expected effect on employees.
Discussions must be held as soon as possible after a decision has been made by the employer to make the intended changes.
Employees are entitled to have trade union representatives present at all discussions and the employers must also confer with the representative.
One unfair dismissal claim involves three employees of BananaCoast credit union Ltd. Their roles were made redundant, but they learned a few months later that their employers had hired workers in very similar positions.
All though they were out of the fourteen day lodgement period, the Fair Work Commission found the employees entitled to make unfair dismissal claims as they were unaware that at the time that their redundancy wasn't genuine.
Another case in Victoria, Nitro Gym made an employee redundant without following the correct procedures and the employee filed an unfair dismissal claim. Fair Work Act Australia found that the redundancy was not a �genuine redundancy �and awarded the employee close to $8000 in compensation.

Annette Dixon is a Human Resources professional qualified at Deakin University, with over 12 years human resources management experience. She is also the Director and Founder of the HR company End2End Business Solutions.

Using her strategic and operational human resources management skills, Annette has been involved in building and transitioning businesses through effective human resources strategy. She has been a line manager, and looked after compliance and regulatory issues for business. As an active member of the human resources community, Annette has extensive access to the latest best practice employee relations expertise.


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Successful Internet Marketing Ideas From Those In The Know by Antony Mouton

The Internet is the newest frontier for advertising. The advice in this article can give you guidance in bringing in more revenue.

Enter internet competitions for sites in your industry, or even for design. The added exposure you get will translate into more visitors and hopefully more sales. Even if you can't find a competition that is about your particular field, you can certainly enter contests about web design and appearance.

Develop a particular color scheme to be used in all of your online marketing messages to help people easily recognize your brand when surfing quickly around the net. Often users do not stay on a single webpage for a long time, so if you can have a color scheme strongly associated with your brand, people may be impacted and reminded of your brand whenever they see those colors.

Use the services of a third party site, to send regular emails to your clients. These emails can be strictly informational, or contain promotions and coupons, but either way, they will link your subscribers back to your website on a regular basis. Keep your site fresh and informative so they always have something new to see.

Use PLRs, private label rights, for internet marketing if you do not have the time to write. PLR is content that someone writes and after you purchase it, you can do as you wish with it. You can change all, rewrite it, and use it for other purposes. You can find quality PLR in many places on the internet and use the content in your e-mails to customers, followers and subscribers.

Market your product by creating press releases to share on the internet. News sources will often distribute these press releases, which helps spread the word. Old customers will appreciate the updated information and new customers will be intrigued by what you have to offer. Make sure to only release a press statement when something headline worthy occurs.

Internet marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to communicate with your customers. To increase customer satisfaction you should allow your customers an opened area of your website to do so. Many websites offer their own onsite forums. Putting an internal forum on your site will attract dialogue.

Make sure to keep your YouTube content fresh by retitling older videos, changing their tags, or rewording their descriptions. This is a good idea because it will show users that you have had some recent activity. It will also help to get your videos higher in the search results.

To write clean and simple HTML code learn how to write web copy using the Markdown language. Markdown was developed to give web copywriters a simple way to build HTML code into an article (like H1 tags and ordered lists) that is as clean as possible. Many content management systems allow the Markdown syntax directly in their post editing software.

Nowadays, Internet marketing isn't an option; it's necessary. You simply cannot afford NOT to use this method of advertising. Use the tips in this article to be sure that you are using internet marketing properly so as to increase the success of your business.

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