Friday, July 25, 2014

Brand New DreamStream and SafeEraser for iOS

Wondershare Dr.Fone New Arrival - Introducing You the Brand New DreamStream and SafeEraser for iOS DreamStream: Some of you might have been reading a lot about Google Chromecast in past few months, this small dongle which is a little bit bigger than a USB memory stick has definitely aroused huge interest on the internet with the fact that, ever since its release last July, it has sold out "millions" in less than a year! The device is quickly becoming a staple in living rooms across the US, and is getting hot in the world market given to the fact that it provides a revolutionary way for people to enjoy online video and music on their TVs. To unlock its potential indeed, Wondershare released a brand new program named Wondershare Dream Stream, check out more details about this amazing hot product here! SafeEraser for iOS: SafeEraser is an Data Erasure program which is developed to wipe all your data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, making it as fresh as new and saving you from worries of personal info leakage or identity theft when you dispose of your old phone. Top security level ensures you that nothing deleted will ever be recovered again, even with the most powerful data recovery program or a government facility?s state-of-art data recovery technology. Erasing data with SafeEraser is fast, safe and traceless! Download our more detailed product demonstration here!

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