Monday, June 2, 2014

Boldly Go Anywhere With Your Device

This is Norton by Symantec's new campaign directed at all of us who (like it or not)have become part of the vast digital world. You can get any information you want just about by a little searching on the Internet. Lets face it most of us are even sitting down on the crapper wrapped up in our own little world on our cell phones, tablets,you name it. What we don't seem to care about is if there's someone collecting our information while we search for whatever the interest of today is. Norton by Symantec's purpose is to help inspire and educate us with information and tools we need helping ensure we are equipped to take full advantage of everything the crystal blue persuasion has out there to offer us but safely Be bold and go where life takes you with Norton by Symantec. I trust Norton on all my devices which gives me peace of mind. So can you. Find out more today.

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