Monday, September 3, 2012

Some Common Paid Search Mistakes to be Avoided.

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Some Common Paid Search Mistakes to be Avoided.

There are two types of paid searches: B2B paid search and B2C paid search. There is a vital difference between both searches. Both of these have their positive as well as sloppy sides. In this article our main focus is on some B2B paid search mistakes. The budget allocation for B2B paid search is often lower and is harder to manage in contrast with B2C search. Some common mistakes found out in B2B Paid search accounts are as follows:

  • Failing to Integrate with The CRM System: Most of the PPC managers often fail to understand the significance of integrating B2B search campaign with the CRM of the customer's company. It is important because it implies passing the keywords related information by tracking the URL into the fields of CRM in association with the generated lead. In absence of CRM integration there are chances of outbidding on the performing keywords which in turn leave you with the option for poor performing keywords.

  • Not Giving Importance to Tracking of Phone Calls: Phone calls denote higher scope of purchase intent from the prospective clients. Due to this paid search often fails to get the due credit that it deserves. But you can change the scenario by opting for a call tracking software where you can get dozens of toll free numbers that can be associated at keyword level. In simple term it means showing a dynamic number that is associated with specific keyword.

  • Expecting More in Less Time: Every business wants higher ROI but expecting instant ROI often creates problems. Search engine marketing helps to convert the potential buyers to featured customers in a fast way unlike any other way.

  • Spending Money on the purchase of "double entendre" keywords: In general there are many keywords that carry double meaning for consumers or a business. It plays a vital role in buying a keyword by considering consumer meaning in view. It can lead to unqualified clicks. So it is advisable to create some sort of ad text to capitalize on the B2B audiences in order to reduce unqualified clicks in double meaning keywords. You can also test some generic keywords with low budget allocation.

  • Overlooking Lead Scoring and Promotion: All the generated leads don't carry equal value. Marketing automation is concerned with two things: lead scoring and lead promotion. Lead scoring in simple terms implies figuring out the leads with maximum potential for closing. Lead promotion is related with the distribution across different paths to figure out their position in the sales cycle. Most of the businesses expect paid search to fetch high quality leads with immediate attention but without marketing automation strategy the PPC campaign fails to deliver the expected result.

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