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5 Family Activities to do on Labor Day Weekend

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5 Family Activities to do on Labor Day Weekend

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Even though school has already started for most people, I’ve always considered Labor Day Weekend as the final kick off of the summer and the beginning of the school year. So I always like planning out something frugal for the final weekend!

1. Camping

Who doesn’t love packing up and heading out into the wilderness for the weekend! My kids love camping and it’s always something I’ve loved doing too! The great thing about camping on Labor Day Weekend is that its not extremely humid (like it was in July and August!) so you can enjoy a great outdoors weekend with the fam!

2. Local Festivals

Check your city’s website for local activities taking place, because most of the time there are festivals, events, and family activities going on for Labor Day Weekend. These festivals are usually either free, or very low cost to get in and you can make it a whole day event with the your little ones.

3. Go Swimming

This maybe the last nice weekend to take your kids to your local swimming park and let them enjoy swimming outdoors before the temperature drops. You can pack up a picnic, and make a whole day out of it you can do all these thing by purchasing target coupons.

4. Go Hiking

Going hiking is not only a great outdoors educational experience for your young ones, but it’s also great for getting some fitness! You can go to your local state park or national park and hike through the trails. Ensure to bring a first aid kit, lots of water, snacks, and fruits so you can get a good day event out of your hiking excursion.

5. Plan a Family BBQ

Now that the summer is over, most people are going to start getting into a busier routine and that includes your extended family. Why not throw a big family BBQ for Labor Day, but most of the time that’s the last time you’ll see them until Christmas gatherings begin. You can make it a very basic BBQ by just grilling up some hamburgers, or turn it into a potluck so that not all of the work falls on you! Don’t forget to use up some of your baby coupons to save your hard-earned money on prepping for the BBQ!

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