Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

When planning a social media campaign, it is essential for brands to recognise how important well written content is for maximising engagement opportunities.

Well written content seems a simple enough task, but with the majority of brands now utilising social networks such as Facebook and Twitter within their campaigns, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Outlined below are a number of ways in which brands can generate excellent content as part of an engaging and successful social media campaign:

• Create, don't replicate - It is always more rewarding to initiate content rather than replicate something that has been created previously by others, especially for engagement purposes. Of course, finding the correct balance between a curator and a creator is a must. Users will more than likely stick with a brand when they see that the content is fresh, engaging and newsworthy, and above all, can be found all in one place.

• Follow a schedule - Audiences expect some regularity when following social media, and they will reward the brands that embrace it. Therefore, creating a content calendar as a schedule for social media posts will enable users to begin to learn when brands will be posting throughout the day. Schedules also help brands reinforce their professionalism and dedication to their work.

• Use multiple platforms - Until recently, social networks mainly consisted of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Now, with the introduction of Pinterest and Instagram, brands should be embracing all possible social platforms in order to maximise outreach. Content which is posted on Facebook can be linked to other platforms such as Twitter, as well as ‘pinned' to Pinterest and transformed into a photographic image for Instagram.

• Engage and participate - Posting great content is one thing, but engaging with users is just as important. Brands should engage with their own posts and participate with conversations on a regular basis in order to heighten engagement possibilities. When customers comment, ‘Like', share or Retweet a post, brands should respond to this as quickly as possible.
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Activities Performed By an SEO Company

Activities Performed By an SEO Company

Search engine optimization or SEO is term commonly heard now days in the business field. This term is closely related to the online industry. There are many companies specialized in SEO activities. The main aim of the companies is to gain customer satisfaction from their clients by providing them the best SEO service possible to help them to outshine in the business world among their competitors and also among the potential customers. You might be wondering on the task carried by a SEO firm.
The primary aim of a SEO firm is to raise the level of business by increasing the popularity of the company and its related products and services. Next question that arise in your mind will be regarding the steps undertaken by the SEO firm to increase the publicity of the company. The answer is very simple and it is done with the help of internet. Now you would like to know the role played by internet in achieving the goal.

Internet is used by many people around the world. Every company will take the initial step of developing their websites which contain all the required information that must be known by the public. Sometimes a problem can arise in the layout of the details present in the websites.

A SEO company will help in restructuring the design of the website by making certain changes. Sometimes attractive content writings with pictures or videos might be added to convey the same information rather than using simple text. It is natural that people will not show patience to read each and every detail given in the website. You should add all those important details that can help in gaining benefit to the company in a catchy manner.

You should now find some ways by which your web pages must be listed by popular search engines commonly used by people in their top list.

This can be achieved by bookmarking some web pages or the most attractive contents in some popular social bookmarking websites frequently surfed by people. This can be done by registering with a social bookmarking website and posting the links of your web pages on them. This will help the search spider to index the web pages and mark them on the top list. So that when ever a person tries pulling up the related information, the web page that contains that particular piece of information will be pulled up by search engine on top.

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Some Common Paid Search Mistakes to be Avoided.

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Some Common Paid Search Mistakes to be Avoided.

There are two types of paid searches: B2B paid search and B2C paid search. There is a vital difference between both searches. Both of these have their positive as well as sloppy sides. In this article our main focus is on some B2B paid search mistakes. The budget allocation for B2B paid search is often lower and is harder to manage in contrast with B2C search. Some common mistakes found out in B2B Paid search accounts are as follows:

  • Failing to Integrate with The CRM System: Most of the PPC managers often fail to understand the significance of integrating B2B search campaign with the CRM of the customer's company. It is important because it implies passing the keywords related information by tracking the URL into the fields of CRM in association with the generated lead. In absence of CRM integration there are chances of outbidding on the performing keywords which in turn leave you with the option for poor performing keywords.

  • Not Giving Importance to Tracking of Phone Calls: Phone calls denote higher scope of purchase intent from the prospective clients. Due to this paid search often fails to get the due credit that it deserves. But you can change the scenario by opting for a call tracking software where you can get dozens of toll free numbers that can be associated at keyword level. In simple term it means showing a dynamic number that is associated with specific keyword.

  • Expecting More in Less Time: Every business wants higher ROI but expecting instant ROI often creates problems. Search engine marketing helps to convert the potential buyers to featured customers in a fast way unlike any other way.

  • Spending Money on the purchase of "double entendre" keywords: In general there are many keywords that carry double meaning for consumers or a business. It plays a vital role in buying a keyword by considering consumer meaning in view. It can lead to unqualified clicks. So it is advisable to create some sort of ad text to capitalize on the B2B audiences in order to reduce unqualified clicks in double meaning keywords. You can also test some generic keywords with low budget allocation.

  • Overlooking Lead Scoring and Promotion: All the generated leads don't carry equal value. Marketing automation is concerned with two things: lead scoring and lead promotion. Lead scoring in simple terms implies figuring out the leads with maximum potential for closing. Lead promotion is related with the distribution across different paths to figure out their position in the sales cycle. Most of the businesses expect paid search to fetch high quality leads with immediate attention but without marketing automation strategy the PPC campaign fails to deliver the expected result.

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