Monday, August 13, 2012


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Author: Tommy Wayne

Before Kerry Katona was robbed of her worldly goods, we bet she wished she'd got better house alarms and, when Alex Curran's 10K Cartier watch was pinched; we can guarantee she looked to the God's and proclaimed the immortal words: "if only I'd let Steven buy those extra damn house alarms!"

Indeed, it doesn't matter how valuable (or invaluable) your assets are, no one should be without a decent provision of house alarms. Whether you reside a perfectly pristine, picturesque residential paradise- nestled in one of the UK's well-known beauty spots- or you currently live in a dingy bedsit in a place where crime is prevalent and gang warfare is rife; house alarms are essential if you want to protect your worldly goods and in fact, yourself. From your children's pre-school sketching to that priceless grandfather clock passed down to you through the generations; a home without house alarms is like a teapot without a cosy- left to fend for itself.

House alarms come in many forms and guises; they are discreet yet effective at combating petty theft and they can be ideal for any abode. From as little as 169.00 for wireless house alarms- perfect for smaller accommodation like flats and apartments- and ranging to a not-much-more 239.00 for elite wireless house alarms- better suited to larger houses and workplaces with many separate outbuildings- You Protect are fast becoming the UK leading supplier of personal protective equipment.

From small and large scale house alarms, shed alarms, and door sensors to personal alarms, child alarms and even panic buttons; if you visit you are guaranteed to find the best, most cost-effective alarms around. And, only supplying brands like Medilarm, Premier and Alert Pal, you can rest assured that the products you purchase are infallible, flawless and fault-free.

Although all the information you will ever need about personal alarms and house alarms is online ready for your perusal, You Protect are also proud of the approach they take to customer services and remain attentive, friendly and approachable at all times. The team's pool of knowledge is enviable and what they don't know about house alarms is frankly, not worth knowing! So for more information on You Protect's range of affordable yet reliable personal alarms systems, visit them online today.

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