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Corporate wear as an effective Branding tool

Corporate wear as an effective Branding tool

Companies spend millions and millions of dollars on traditional means of advertising such as TV commercials and print advertisements without realizing the potential of unconventional means of promotion. With hundreds of companies tied up for the place on podium, only the one which makes effective use of promotion via integrated marketing mix for conveying their brand message successfully will benefit. To differentiate your brand from others', promotional products can be a really effective strategy. Promotional products include giving out customized products such as pens, key chains, bags and clothes to your customers, employees and the press in order to spread your brand name and create brand awareness.

It is rightly said that if you want change, it should start from you. Similarly, you should start by doling out promotional products right inside your work premises. You can start a sort of a mini marketing campaign, where you can customize corporate wear such as scarves, shawls and ties by imprinting your logo or brand names along with messages such as ‘best employee', ‘Champ of the month', ‘Best Team' and so on. This will foster loyalty towards the company and create a healthy working atmosphere. People can wear such customized scarves and ties along with their work wear to look more professional and add more grace to their clothing. Further, when people will look at their colleagues, they would work hard in order to earn those customized rewards to be embellished on their uniforms.

Certain benefits of using corporate wear as promotional products are:

• People always want to be associated with their favorite brand name. They always desire to get merchandize which bears the logo or brand name of their favorite company. By using such clothing for promotion, you will attract a lot of people towards your company and subsequently, your products.

• As compared to day to day mundane clothing, a branded piece of clothing is always preferred.

• Having corporate wear with your company logo will help you run loyalty programs better. You can give out these branded clothing to those clients to purchase maximum or have crossed a certain limit as a token of appreciation. They will feel more connected to your brand.

There are a lot of people out there engaged in the manufacturing of high quality and durable customized merchandize. However, you should look for reviews and find someone with a good reputation and experience. Experience is not a pre-requisite though, and you can always visit new and up-coming companies who use innovative techniques and can handle your work. If you order a single piece every time, the cost will shoot up considerably. It is always better to go for bulk orders since the overall cost will come down substantially.

Such promotional clothing can help you spread your brand name. When your employees will wear your uniforms or your customers will wear your personalized clothes, people will see your brand name wherever they go. And it is a proven fact that people tend to buy more products or a company they've seen or heard of even once, rather than an unknown company. -- allswenup is an Australian author who provides information about Uniforms, Business Shirts and Corporate uniforms. Source:

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