Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Steps To Your Own Home Business

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5 Steps To Your Own Home Business

The internet is flooded with opportunities for entrepreneurs to choose from, some good and some bad. Among the clutter of scams and programs to be wary of rests ZeekRewards, which is beyond legitimate. It will have you earning bigger while spending more time with the family before you know it.

In just a few short steps, you can be on your way to earning big with a private, invitation-only affiliate advertising group online. Zeek Rewards gives you the opportunity to qualify and earn rewards on retail bids from some of the largest retail outlets on the internet. But before you can start earning, you have to get going with a quick set up.

1) SIGN-UP/ The first step to taking advantage of everything Zeek Rewards has to offer is choosing your affiliate level. Not everyone is willing to spend to earn and that is ok. There is a free affiliate option that you can opt to start with. Otherwise, there are silver, gold and diamond levels that each come with their own perks.

The private, invitation-only program is an affiliate advertising division where you can qualify to earn rewards on all retail bids sold. The money can and will pile up quickly for you. On top of this, you can earn rewards for every VIP bid that is purchased and given away samples.

2) MAKING MONEY/ Once you are signed up it is time to start enrolling a few friends as free customers. Let family, friends and even new friends you met on Facebook or Twitter know about the amazing opportunity you have stumbled upon.

The first way you are going to make money from Zeek Rewards is through ZAP commissions. You have the ability to earn 20% on all personally referred customers retail bid pack purchases. 20% may seem minute compared to some programs online today, but you have to keep in mind the product and service that will be used and the amount of sells you will generate.

The final way you are going to profit is from the Matrix, which is for many the primary money earner. All you need to do is sponsor two preferred customers as a silver, gold or diamond subscription and earn up to $3.50 a month on all paid subscribers in the 2x5 forced-fill matrix. You can earn matching bonuses as well to an unlimited depth, which add up quickly.

3) ONLINE STOREFRONT/ The third step to getting started while making the big bucks is selling a few e-commerce suites. While not a walk in the park, the e-commerce suites essentially sell themselves making it an easy task at that.

Your retail store will generate the NEXT source of income. You will earn the difference between wholesale discounted prices and the retail price that is listed in your retail store. All you have to do is promote your link and collect the earnings every month on any purchases made by your customers without having to worry about inventory whatsoever.

Believe it or not, this is just half the opportunities with the next coming from retail subscription profits. Now you can earn a 20% monthly retail profit from all personal retail sales on personally sponsored affiliate's subscriptions. This is based on the monthly subscription price no matter what the rank qualification may be.

4) Perhaps the biggest challenge you will face with Zeek Rewards, as with any online business, is generating traffic. With millions of businesses and companies all vying for attention from the same prospects, it can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to create traffic today through article marketing, blogging, Facebook, Twitter and forums. And doing so will give you the opportunity to earn 20% and one point on every dollar customers spend on bids.

From then on, every time you sell Retail Bids or give away VIP Bids as samples to retail customers, you can earn points. At the end of each week the company will calculate the daily overall revenues and share up to 50% of its net profits with Qualified Affiliates based on each individuals VIP ProfitPoint Balance.

People love FREE stuff. When first starting out, you may even want to consider purchasing some sample bids to give away to customers for free. It will get them interested, have them looking around, and will increase your sells in no time.

5) The shopping daisy will provide the 5th way for you to earn from Zeek Rewards. All affiliates can earn commissions through the most popular affiliate shopping programs on the internet simply by giving away a jaw-dropping price-saving application for free. This can bring in cash in a hurry. The affiliate must also enroll retail customers or joined the customer co-op, given away a minimum of 10 sample bids as samples and has placed a qualifying advertisement for the company for the current 24 hour period.

As a result, it creates a true team environment as you earn more when other affiliates sell more. It is by no mean an overnight process or a get rich scheme that you constantly hear about online. Instead, it is a realistic opportunity that will pay off in the long run. And before you know it, you will be collecting huge checks thanks to an outstanding product and service.

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