Monday, April 23, 2012

How Used Clothing Recycling Can Benefit Everyone

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How Used Clothing Recycling Can Benefit Everyone

Author: Stevan Gerrand

When we talk about used clothes drop off, I’m sure most of us have clothing that we don’t wear for one reason or another, but what do you do with that clothing once it no longer serves a purpose for you? If it’s still in decent shape, you certainly don’t want to throw it away, so many people end up just stuffing it in the back of the closet, in the basement, or in the attic. You might need it one day, right?

But the sad truth is that those old clothes probably won’t be of any use to you at any time in the future. Even the best laid plans to lose weight and get back into a smaller size don’t usually work out the way you plan. Besides, if you are successful in losing weight, wouldn’t it be better to reward yourself with some new clothes?

Here are five reasons you should be finding a used clothes drop off point instead of just stashing your old things somewhere in your home and forgetting all about them:

  1. You’ll be de-cluttering your home. Probably the number one reason everyone should be looking for a used clothes drop off point is because of how much clutter tends to build up inside our homes. You might think that if it’s stashed in the attic or basement that it doesn’t count as clutter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even the storage areas of your home can get too full, so it is always best to clean them out regularly—once a year at least.

  2. You could make some money. In some cases, you can actually make some cash by utilizing a used clothes drop off point. Some companies will actually purchase used clothes. However, they usually do so by the pound, so it’s not a bad idea to weigh what you have before heading to the used clothes drop off point. You might even want to consider organizing a drive for your neighbors, friends and family. By pooling all of your used clothes together, you can then split the money earned. It may not be a lot of cash, but it certainly makes your efforts worthwhile, especially since you are freeing up space in your attic or basement at the same time.

  3. You’ll be helping those in need. Not everyone can afford to purchase new clothing, so they have to look to charities in order to fulfill their clothing needs. However, some charities have so many people needing clothes that they can’t keep up with the demand. When you take your items to a used clothes drop off point, you’re helping charities be able to help those who need them.

  4. You’ll be helping the environment. When there aren’t enough used clothes to go around, then people have no choice but to purchase new clothes, which puts a strain on the environment in the form of materials and also production costs. There is a cost associated with making new things, and you eliminate that cost by recycling your clothing.

  5. You’re making way for new additions to your wardrobe. Whenever birthdays or Christmas rolls around, you may end up with a number of new items that will make some of those in your closet obsolete. It’s best to weed out the things you don’t wear from your closet regularly so that you are never lacking space.

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