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Why do most people fail in network marketing?

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Why do most people fail in network marketing?

Author: Greg Culpepper


To understand this fully, let's take a look at starting a traditional business, then relate. If you were to start a traditional business, what would you do? First, you would decide on the type of business you are going to start by doing your due diligence. Think about it, would you start a business today manufacturing vinyl records? You could be the world's best record maker…yet what kind of market would you have? Not much, right? You HAVE to pick a business where the supply and demand are at a premium.

Second, you would write a business plan, obtain funding (usually a few hundred thousand dollars), obtain a location (which, in itself is crucial), advertise, build a website, and try to be written up in the press….and so on…right? You would spend a tremendous amount of time strategizing your new business. Your goal would to supply something that is in demand…then sell your supply!

Now, let's take a look at what most people do regarding a network marketing (MLM, Direct Sales, whatever you want to call it) company and why they fail. They are invited to a meeting, or watch a video and decide to join based on the emotion of the moment. What happened to Due Diligence? One of the most common mistakes is NOT making an informed decision. Picking the WRONG company is the kiss of death….if you were the best race car driver in the world and I put you in an old beat up car…and I was in a top notch race car…I would beat you every time! You may be a great driver, but if you are in the wrong vehicle..You lose!

So, first and foremost, you have to pick a company that is a winner based on good and informed information. Otherwise, you will fail in your network marketing business no matter how good YOU are. I will break down how to evaluate a network marketing company in further detail for you if you would like that information.

Second, most network marketers are taught the old way of marketing, which consists of nagging your family, friends, and acquaintances. Did you know that the average person will get 3 NO's…and quit. So, if your team goes to their friends and family and they say NO…most of your people will quit. If you've ever read Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", the first thing he says..If you depend on your family and friends to become rich, you never will. I am not saying not to go to your family and friends; I am saying there is MORE! I call it Interpersonal Marketing! I will share the Interpersonal Marketing in detail in another article!

Simply put, treat your Network Marketing business…like you would a traditional business. And again, if you don't, you will fail! The new way of generating network marketing leads consist of bringing the leads to you instead of you chasing them. What a paradigm shift! If you are interested all of my training, it's FREE at


I'm going to share with you some of the secrets that the top dogs in network marketing are already using to generate 100's of new network marketing leads every single day, what you do with this information is completely up to you.

The main difference between people who start out and fail in network marketing and people who succeed is a Network Marketing Lead Generation System. A system will allow you to generate leads online or even off line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system I am talking about will use PPC (pay per clicks), writing articles, online press-releases, social media, videos, ezines, email marketing, craigslist and even ebay to generate network marketing leads.

If you want to set yourself up to fail, then depend on pure luck, or if you would like to set yourself apart from the rest of the network marketers out there, you need to take advantage of this paradigm shift and learn how to succeed in TODAY'S market.

This is not rocket science, it's just a matter of learning what to do in today's market. As I mentioned before, it is up to you what you do with this information. You can either learn how to put a system like this in place, or you can hope that Napoleon Hill is wrong (which I seriously doubt) and depend totally on your friends and family for your success.



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