Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Domestic Green Engineer is the New IT Field

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Domestic Green Engineer is the New IT Field

Author: James Copper

There is a new career that is taking every country by storm. It is a job that is recession proof, has a very strong and stable future, is enjoying the benefits of massive government programs and does not require some lengthy college degree to get started. What is this new field that is opening up in every country?

What is a domestic green engineer? This is person who helps design and implement measures to make homes and businesses more green. Every country is concerned with reducing carbon emissions. Homes are one of the key contributors to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. Reducing heating and cooling energy requirements through better insulation, vapor exchange and circulation is a major focus of every government. Not only is the need to reduce emissions driving the need for domestic green engineers but so is the cost of energy. With energy costs going through the roof everyone is concerned with stretching their energy dollar as far as it can go. In the United States the government is even giving massive tax breaks for implementing green technologies. Who is at the forefront of installing green products?

There are major changes coming in government requirements involving home energy consumption. By 2016 new homes will need to have 15 of their energy come from renewable sources like solar or wind power. Presently less than 2 of an average home s energy comes from renewable resources.

In England the government has taken drastic steps to help move people towards renewable energy sources. They are covering 80 to 100 of the cost of implementing green technologies if the homeowner uses a properly accredited domestic green engineer. That has huge impacts to the economy, the environment and the field of the green engineer.

It is not too surprising that the hottest new job venture is domestic green engineer. What does it take to get in to the field? There are more and more companies that are training people to become domestic green engineers. The courses take about six months and usually do not require any level of experience before starting the courses.

The average salary for a DGE is between £18,000 and £55,000 which about $27,000 to $82,500. Not a bad return on your investment for a six month training course. Industry analysts are predicting that these ranges will increase on an average of 12 per year over the course of the next 5 years. The government in England has stated that there are approximately 26 million homes that will require some level of services offered by a domestic green engineer between now and 2012. That is a very large pool of customers. Prime Minister Brown made a recent statement comparing DGE to the IT field of the 90 s. He went on to predict that that the DGE field explosion will be bigger than the high tech field.

In a time where people are losing their jobs and finding a new one is getting harder and harder it is refreshing to know that there are industries that are growing and doing well.

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