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Channel Communications for Successful Business

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Channel Communications for Successful Business

Author: Walt Robertson

Importance of communication with channel partner is next to the bonuses you might be providing to your channel partners. Effective communication is usually the very basis of the effectiveness of your channel marketing programs. By communicating regularly plus appropriately, you can keep your partners motivated and also maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationship with your channel partners.

This article gives you important information regarding channel marketing, advantages of channel communications and types of communication channels which you may make use of to talk effectively with your channel partners.

Brief about Channel Marketing

These days, sellers are increasingly becoming dependent on channel partners for the success of their business. By using channel partners such as wholesalers, dealers, retailers, VARs etc, vendors can penetrate regions and markets, that could be unimaginable and so economically unviable for them to get to on their own. Channel marketing helps distributors to grow their business reach, grow sales and also profits.

Large-scale sellers have a 100s or 1000s of channel partners. Taking care of such an broad system of channel partners is among the most difficult duties of channel marketing. One of the major keys for successful channel marketing program is effective and regular channel communications.

Advantages of Channel Communications

Communication is a step to very good relation and also hence vendors that need to keep cordial relations with their channel partners need to ensure they are communicating effectively and also regularly with all their channel partners.

Mentioned below are the key benefits of channel communications:

> Simply by keeping regular communication, channel partners will keep the motivation levels of their partner high. This results in improved sales.

> Vendors that hold good communication maintain a feel good factor with their partners. Channel partners feel there's transparency along with honesty in the merchant's business procedures. This kind of feeling helps you to enhance relationship between channel partners and moreover vendors.

> By effective channel communications, distributors can communicate information such as policy change, price adjustments plus other strategic decisions regarding their company as and when preferred. Vendors feel they are a significant part of the company and so are more likely to be loyal to the vendors through good times and so bad. These devoted channel partners are support beams of strength for any organization.

Types of Channels

Channel communications has advanced beyond imagination. Various types of channels can be found through which distributors can contact their channel partners.

The most popular types of communication channels include:

> Direct communication

> E-mail

> Phone call


> RSS feeds

> Fax

Though, tech savvy vendors of these days rely on advanced way of channel communications for example partner portals. These advanced partner relationship management (PRM) software help suppliers maintain two-way communication with their channel partners. When a dealer wishes to disseminate any information regarding the company or maybe it's goods, it updates the information on the partner portals. Suppliers, when they log in, can learn about the changes. Channel partners can also upload their grievances or any kind of matter concerning them through the website. This direct communication helps ensure significant channel communications.

Purchase Channel Marketing Software

If you too wish to assure effective channel communications with all your channel partners, learn how channel marketing software can help you attain this target. You will find advanced channel marketing software available on the market that can offer you customized solutions for easy and also cost-effective communication channel.

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