Monday, October 31, 2011

SMS Mobile Text Marketing is the "New-Wave Marketing

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SMS Mobile Text Marketing is the "New-Wave Marketing"

Author: Jill Shannon

SMS text messaging is a phenomenon that has blown up in the past few years. From the elderly to all the way down to some 5 year olds, most people can't leave home without their mobile phones.

Sending text messages has become the preferred method of communicating for most mobile phone users. That's right… most people prefer to send text messages over calling someone up and talking live.

Friends can say a quick hello or makes plans without having to make an actual phone call. Texting is simply more appealing to most people today than any other form of communication.

As a matter of fact, texting has even changed the way children socialize in school today. For instance, teachers no longer have to worry about kids passing notes in class… Now, they have to worry about them sending text messages instead.

Cell phone users in the U.S. have gone up to over 80 million in the past few years. It is no wonder that many companies have discovered the use of SMS messaging as an effective marketing tool.

SMS texts are extremely convenient. They are quick to send and are a great tool for multi-taskers. Whether reading, watching a movie, waiting in line, or sitting on a crowded bus, anyone can quickly send or receive a message without skipping a beat.

Instead of being interrupted with a phone call, one can receive a message that can be read at the receiver's convenience.

For this reason, many companies have made it easy to receive payment and billing information over text messaging.

Other companies have included text messaging options for leaving comments and feedback about their services.

So, how could SMS texting be useful to your business?

Imagine being able to send out offers and specials to your customers in order to receive repeat business? Text marketing provides a no spam way to interact with your clients as they first opt in to receive your text updates.They are then added to the database and notified by text message your news or coupon offering. If you have a great coupon offer, they will often tell their friends about the offer, creating a viral effect.

The great thing about text messaging is that it can be an unobtrusive, convenient, and personalized way of marketing and building a loyal customer-base.

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About the Author

Jill Shannon is a Local online Marketing consultant, that enjoys sharing beneficial information for her clients. Learn more about sms text marketing campaigns and how it might benefit your business, at the website, Reaching Out Local.

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