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Conserving Your Costs When Setting Up A Business

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Conserving Your Costs When Setting Up A Business

Author: Harvey McEwan

Are you considering setting up a business but think you don't have enough capital to establish an office? Think again - by combining recent technological advancements with short term infrastructural solutions, getting a business up and running at a relatively low cost has never been easier. Here are some handy tips and hints to follow when compiling your plan to open an office.

Office Space and Furniture

First, you need to find a space for your business to operate in. One option is to turn to a serviced office company, which provides fully furnished and equipped offices at a monthly rental price. However, if you want to start very small, it may even be cheaper to rent an unfurnished office or room at a cheaper rate then furnish it yourself with second-hand furniture.

This doesn't mean your desks, chairs and computers need to be old. If you turn to internet resources like Freecycle, you may find relatively new - sometimes untouched - office furniture being given away at no cost. If you happen to see another office in the area closing down or refurbishing its premises, you may also be able to strike a competitive deal with them to buy their old furnishings, provided they are in good working order.

And thanks to the advantages of business virtualisation, you won't necessarily need to invest in costly servers or IT systems to get your company up and running either. Indeed, by paying another company to store your data and host your website, you'll save yourself not only the high start-up price of buying servers but also the extensive energy and maintenance costs they may incur.

Telecommunications and Power Supply

One element of office equipment you can afford to cut back on in the 21st century is telephones. Today, many companies use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, like Skype, to make all their businesses calls through a computer. This option means you can also talk to your clients or customers face to face if they have video-calling features. This does, however, mean having a reliable and fast internet connection. And although this may represent a significant monthly outgoing, the long-term savings are likely to be worthwhile.

And if the business space you opt for is without an electricity supply - for example, if you spend your first few months working from a garage or outhouse - you might not even need to wait until this connection is set up. Instead, opting for electrical or diesel generator rental will provide you with an effective short-term solution that you can pay for on a monthly basis, providing you with an immediate electricity supply that will get you up and running quickly.

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