Monday, October 31, 2011

5 Social Reasons, Why Online Business Must Use Google Plus

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5 Social Reasons, Why Online Business Must Use Google Plus

Author: Juhani Tontti

The social internet is hot right now and many speculates, whether Google Plus can enter this sector and to build a success there. The online business marketers are not the only ones. It can also happen, that Plus helps Twitter and Facebook to improve their operations. The new features, which Google published point to this direction.

1. The New Whats Hot Feature.

The socail internet is somehow very quick, which means that the social sites, like Plus, has to serve the users in the real time to expend the excitement. Whats Hot offers an opportunity for the reader to discover, what is hot right now, I mean right now! When Google launched a real time search tool, this new feature ties these services nicely together.

This is like Facebook updated news and Twitter newsfeed tied together. Again, the mighty Google wants to present, who is the king in the jungle. Think, how much simpler this makes the online business marketing!

2. The Creative Kit Feature.

The Creative Kit represents the photo sharing side of Google Plus. The photo sharing has been a hit at Facebook, but Google has done it even better. Googles specialty is the photo editing feature, which allows the user to add filters, text and other effects before sharing it to the circles. This is an absolute edge in the competition with Facebook.

3. The Ripples Feature.

This is totally new. It allows the users to follow visually the conversation flow just by looking the data from analytics. This means better information about the history of the posts compared to the other social networks. Googleplex presents the information in a very visual way, which makes it interesting. When a user pushes View Ripples button, he can see how his post flows through Google Plus.

4. Google Plus For Apps Feature.

Google Plus is also available for Apps customers. This means that the administrators can manually integrate Plus into their organizations. They can use exactly the same features, which the public Google Plus users acn and to migrate their personal circles away.

The applications development organizations can use Plus for their work. They have to pay for this. It seems, that Google has taken the leading role in the social site development, because these new features are very consumer oriented and mean benefits to the users. This is all very healthy for the whole sector, because we all know, what is the ability of Google with these new services.

It is interesting to see, how Facebook, Twitter and the other players will respond. My guess is, that the tougher competition means better future services and the social site business will continue the growth. It means also that the online business marketers can get better feedback for their planning.

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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. New Google Plus Features Offer To The Online Business Marketers New Tools To Be Able To Improve Their Home Based Online Businesses. Visit: Online Business Ideas

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