Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Build your own website by 3.45 pm this afternoon

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Build your own website by 3.45 pm this afternoon

Author: Marc Stewart

Build your own website by 3.45 pm this afternoon to me seemed like pure rubbish. But now one week on I have a web business up and I am now already beginning to market the site I made in partnership with. An already flourishing web buiness.

Its affliate marketing and way beyond as I am also building my own list. Anyone can do as I have done. And if you are serious about making money online. I know everyone says they are but if you are really serious. You do need some basic web skills. But Chris my business partner and my teacher comes onto these skills in an easy non technical way.

The reason Chris does what he does so well is to get you to start your web business. Chris's course is for you if are constantly thinking you want to make money online. Or if you see the massive opportunity but do not know what to do next. The number one problem that is faced by new comer's to this business is knowing exactly where to start.

Some will download ebooks galore. Some will sign up for lists. Some will purchase a product or two ( or three or four). Some will spend hours in forums. Each of the above has metrit but the very first thing you need is some simple web skills.

Your website is the centre of your business. You need to understand how it works. And it's actually not all that difficult And you will find out by the end of Chris's video course. You will be able to create web pages at will. You'll be able to make changes to existing web pages. You will be able to upload pages and get them online.

You will be able to link to other pages (perfect if you want to sell other people's products.) Chris goes through everything in pin point detail throughout his course on his membership site. You will also be able to add an opt in form to your site. This is vital to build your list. Nothing will be left untouched. You will build your own website.

Now is the time to start. Its a great time to start an online business. Because the economy is not great. The web is only 15 years old. And downloading and purchasing online is a common part of day to day life. There has never been a better time to have an online business.

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if you want to build your own website by 3.45 pm this afternoon is a free give away ebook at


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