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Methods to Start a Dollar Store for Those with No Prior Experience

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Methods to Start a Dollar Store for Those with No Prior Experience

Author: Bob Hamilton

Making the decision to start a dollar store when you have absolutely no prior experience is much like deciding to take an ocean sailing voyage when you know nothing about the art and science of sailing. You do not know how to hoist the sails, make adjustments as you navigate, or any of the other intricacies of actually sailing. You do not know how to determine direction, water depth, location or any of the other important elements associated with getting from point A to point B during your journey. You could allow yourself to decide luck is on your side and blindly move forward. A safer route would be to gain knowledge about all the key elements associated with sailing and navigation. The same holds true for those who with no training or experience who decide to start a dollar store.

There are a variety of options for you to gain the knowledge and skill to prepare and then open your own dollar store business. In this article I present some of the options to consider.

Do it Yourself

If you want to be hands-on in the operation when you open a dollar store business, then invest in yourself. Attend business classes at your local community college, read books on the dollar and retail business world, go to industry training, shows and seminar to gain insight into best known methods of operation.

Hire an Experienced Manager

If finances support, consider hiring a well trained and experienced store manager to help with the technical pieces of store operations. Your manager can take of these tasks, and train you at the same time.

Consulting Support with an Expert

There are dollar store consultants available who can provide as little or as much help as you need. Make sure your expert has actually owned and operated a dollar store and is familiar with current trendy in the dollar store business world. Make sure you are comfortable with their style. Agree to a program of support which meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Hire a Startup Company

There are several companies available to help handle the startup of your dollar store business. Before coming to a decision which is best, examine their support packages, speak with former clients, and always check with the Better Business Bureau. You want to feel comfortable you are getting the best possible support for the money you pay.

If you have decided to start a dollar store, yet have little or no real experience in business, retailing and discounting, then be sure to either gain the needed knowledge yourself, or hire those with the training and experience to help make your dollar store business a success.

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