Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Hatley Story


The Hatley Story

Hatley started in 1987, when Canadian Artist Alice Oldland opened a small gift shop and gallery in North Hatley, Canada. Over time, Alice's three sons joined the company and now run it under the design direction of Nick Oldland, Alice's middle son. The three boys started an infant and kids line that co-ordinated with the adult clothing, with the idea that fun prints are something that can be appreciated by the whole family, Now Hatley is sold all over the world and is recognised as an international brand that focuses on playful, original designs inspired by the nature around us.

Hatley is an eco friendly company. All clothing and home textiles are created from natural fibers and only use azo-free dyes. Hatley follows fair labour practices and supports various charities with an emphasis on the environment and health.

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