Thursday, August 11, 2011

Generate Leads and Keep Customers In Three Steps

Generate Leads and Keep Customers In Three Steps
By Kelly J Knight

THE FIRST area of application and improvement -- There are many actions or tasks that we do well everyday. As you get older, most of them are on autopilot. You have performed many tasks for so long that the unconscious mind is well programmed and does most of the work for you. Herein lies your power: program your unconscious with all things positive and resourceful. The unconscious mind does not know good from bad, lazy from proactive. It is like a hard drive: you record to it and it can spit it back out whenever needed. As kids, most of our unconscious (hard drive) was written for us by parents, friends, ads and articles in newspapers and on television and radio. As an adult now is the time to review what is in your unconscious. Is is negative? Does it support you or sink you? The first area of application to grow your business is to grow and redefine you. Become self-aware. Take yourself off autopilot and see yourself exactly as you are and how you fit in the world around you. Calmly accepting who you are and redefining where you want to be, builds your self-confidence. Increased self-confidence leads to greater courage in applying new ideas and increases absorption of new and old information that fosters new ideas. You know your business the best. You are your best resource.

THE SECOND area of application and improvement -- The social world that you live in. Observe your customer's behavior. When are they satisfied? Do they cringe or shy away when you talk about billing them? Do they brighten when you offer extra service for free? What social environment affects them? Take the time to learn what they want to see in your product. Studies have shown that it is much easier to keep a customer than to go get a new one. Begin to change your behavior. This can be easily done since we certainly have many years of practice with our parents and teachers. We know how to adapt socially. Begin to network and go meet the people who you want to be around to grow you and your business.

THE THIRD area of application and improvement -- Monkey See, Monkey Do. We learn by doing and for the formative years in our life, we learned by imitation. We did the things that our parents did. Imitation is a most effective and efficient way to improve and incorporate new habits. Also, there is not enough time in your life to learn everything from the beginning or first hand. Learn from others, listen to their Lessons Learned, their Best Practices, their war stories, their greatest moments. Take from those lessons the ideas that resonate with you, ideas that you can begin to implement immediately. These ideas not only come in verbal form but in hard copy. Find example business cards and brochures that you can make small changes to that targets your ideal customer. For myself, the internet has been my greatest resource and tool for success. There are so many people out there that do things better, quicker, smarter and with much more panache. Many of those same people post their ideas for free for all to use. Their invested time propels you forward and you begin to reap the benefits sooner rather than later.

The concepts above will work in these hard times and in the good times ahead. They work in your personal life as well as in your business which means that you don't have to wear two hats. You can be yourself at all times. At all times, a successful self.

Kelly J Knight, PhD and Business Coach. For more information on what resources can be applied to small business lead generation and customer retention please email me at or view my site at

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