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6 Reasons Your Business NEEDS a Website – No Exceptions

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6 Reasons Your Business NEEDS a Website – No Exceptions

Author: ThePremierHost

1. You're missing out on crucial exposure.

Imagine being able to set up shop in every single city on the planet. Imagine having your establishment recognized from Paris, Texas, to Paris, France. Imagine having your company's name spread all over the worldwide web due to people being able to easily link and refer you.

Would you want to miss out on having such a ubiquitous presence? Would you want to miss out on quick, easy and global promotion?

Or would you rather continue relying solely on local stragglers and repeat customers who somehow managed to figure out that you exist?

2. You're incurring unnecessary costs – both time and monetary costs.

How much does it cost to print, deliver and track invoices, proposals and other routine documents? How much does the labor for the aforementioned cost? How long does it all take when you add it all up? How efficient is it? Wouldn't it be easier to allow leads and customers to download anything they need from a place accessible to anybody with an internet connection?

How much would it cost to have 24/7 operators (or yourself) answering the same questions over and over again? How much time would that take? Wouldn't it be easier to have all your information and FAQ in a place accessible by anybody with an internet connection?

What about organizing inquiries, feedback or set appointments? Is it easier to do that via snail mail, fax, or phone – or would you find it much easier to have online forms that practically organize themselves?

Think of it this way – your website doesn't' sleep. It doesn't go off on holiday. It isn't limited to serving only one person at a time.

3. You become an ordeal, not a convenience.

As inconvenient as certain offline operations can be for yourself, it's much more problematic on the other end – for your prospects, customers and clients, who can easily take their business elsewhere. Why? Because people simply don't have time or money to waste.

If you're forcing your prospects or leads to scour through the Yellow Pages to find you, wait days for any documents (if they don't have fax), incur postage or long-distance costs in order to even request information, or to be delayed and at the mercy of operation hours – you're likely to lose them.

It doesn't matter how valuable your product or service is – people will only extend themselves to a certain point. This is why people often buy mediocre frozen dinners instead of cooking a healthier, fresher and tastier version of the same meal from scratch.

Unless you're the sole provider of the cure for cancer, people are not going to go very far out their way to give you their business. They're going to find the easiest way to fulfill their needs.

Having a website makes things easy for them – keeping you in the game.

4. You lose credibility.

The fastest route from "rinky-dink mom and pop shop" to a professional and recognized establishment is a URL. With a website, you can start anew – you can literally create your brand image. Read that again: a website enables you to create your brand image.

You can use visual, auditory and interactive elements to envelop your prospects and customers with a carefully-crafted sensory experience that will enable them to imagine the process of utilizing your business to fulfill their needs.

You can write anything you please, as much of it as you please. You can sculpt and refine consumers' perception of you. Businesses without websites may be mentioned online – but they're at the mercy of the public. With no online presence, you don't have a voice. You don't have any power to project the image and message you intend to project.

Additionally, with a professional, up-to-date website, you obtain consumer confidence. You won't look like a "fly by night" operation – you'll look like a strong, competent organization, capable of quickly and effectively serving consumers' needs.

A website also shows that you're capable of keeping up with the times – and that translates into the capability of adapting to your customers' ever-evolving needs.

5. You're missing out on important information – and so are your potential customers.

If you knew all about the people you were selling to, would you adapt your marketing and operations strategies to consistently create the best outcome possible? Of course you would! With online forms and questionnaires on your website, people viewing the site can provide you with honest, anonymous and valuable feedback that will enable you to determine what works, what doesn't work, and changes you can enact that will wield the most leverage on your organization's success.

On the other side of the coin, your prospects and customers will also be able to learn more about your company. They'll also be able to request information they need 24/7, each day of the year, with the use of contact forms.

Resultantly, they'll have more confidence in your ability to serve their needs, and they'll learn how to work with you in order to fulfill them.

6. You don't realize how easy it is.

It used to be a huge ordeal to set up a domain name and a website. No longer. Now, it's possible to snatch up your "internet parking space" (with a web host) and create your own URL (with a domain name) – all in one go. Within 5 minutes.

See the resources box to get started immediately – and don't be intimidated by all the tech speak you see when you evaluate your web hosting options. We're here to walk you through the whole process so that you can find the plan that will maximize your success – for as little as the cost of a latte a month.

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