Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Have A Solid Business Marketing Plan in Place?

Do You Have A Solid Business Marketing Plan in Place?
By Tyler Grupe

Perhaps the straightest path to your success in any kind of business is through a well-crafted and designed marketing plan. If you wanted a secret weapon that will take you places, faster, then read this article and more about these little leveraging devices.

Writing for your target audience dictates no room for error, and that is especially true anytime you discuss your products/services. You will see a much better response when they understand how they will benefit from what you have to offer them. Knowing your own product/service is the first step towards building a marketing plan that matters. That was the great secret of some the greatest advertisers, they learned so much about what they were selling that they could describe the benefits in greater detail. Putting this down on paper will help you clearly see where you're headed marketing wise and what kind of steps you should be taking to ramp up efforts.

How often do you look back over the previous six to twelve months of business with the aim to discover where you could have done better? What about the monthly breakdown of profit and losses for your business? Do you even track this data?

Perhaps at least 90% of online businesses never even bother with this, we are estimating. Analyze the customer retention and your market share, is there something new/fresh that you can to boost your retention rate and get a bigger share of the market? Hopefully you are in the habit of thinking about your customers, and so that means keeping tabs on feedback, etc. Business and life are all about feedback and hopefully taking actions to improve as much as possible.

You should know the importance of timelines; show in your marketing plan when your activities incur any kind of costs and when clearly write the starting and as well as the ending point of each component. The point to doing this is your plan is meant to give you total clarity and the direction you are taking your business. Another factor that you need to work on is control - build in effective controls into your plan that will allow you to keep track of your performance. So this all comes down to recording your metrics in some accurate way. No matter how big or small your profits are expected to be, it is important to write them out in your marketing plan so everything will be clear and easy to find.When you are finished with your marketing plan, then you will wonder how you ever did anything properly before.

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